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WebApp Penetration testing Toolkit, In Progress!!
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WebApp Penetration testing Toolkit, In Progress!!


Muhammad Adeel is an independent security researcher , who Blogs at


[!] Install 'requests' Module to use this Tool [!] Don't Forget to Check LOG file for scan Results

  1. git clone
  2. chmod +x *
  3. python


  1. Check For Server Info
  2. Check HTTPOnly Flag
  3. Check X-Frame-Options
  4. Check For X-XSS-Protection
  5. Check X-Content-Type Options
  6. Check SSL/TLS Security
  7. Check Content Secret Policy
  8. Check Access Control Flaws
  9. Check XDownload Options
  10. Check Cache Control Options
  11. Check DNS MisConfiguration
  12. Check BackUp Abusement
  13. Check Remote Code Execution
  14. Check Cross Site Scripting
  15. Check Error Based SQLi
  16. Check For Directory Traversal
  17. check For HTTP Trace Methods
  18. Check For All Attacks

More at

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