Deploy your site with rsync AND rollback, if necessary
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A server deploy script designed to quickly deploy a site with release versions while simultaneously limiting downtime due to rollbacks, failed deploys, and simultaneous deploys.

The script creates a cache on the server and updates it via rsync. After updating the cache, the build is copied into a numerically-ordered release folder then sym-linked a consistent directory for public access. This allows for rollbacks and recovery from failed deploys.

Throughout the entire deploy process, a lockfile is present to prevent simultaneous deploys.

I use rsync-deploy to deploy; it's worked great for me! Still, I'd like some more eyes on the code before I make this release a v1 so if you have suggestions after trying out rsync-deploy, please submit an issue and I'll take it into consideration.


In particular, notice the directory structure.

$ rsync-deploy --help

  Usage :  usage [options] [--]

  If using .rsync-deploy-rc, run the script from the same directory.

  -h|--help       Display this message
  -v|--version    Display script version

  -i|--init       Initialize the deploy location
  -d|--deploy     Deploy the site
  -r|--rollback   Rollback to a previous version of the site
  -u|--unlock     Remove lockfile

  Directory structure:
  /var/www/ # path_deploy_to
   |-  cache/           # dir_deploy_cache - rsync to save bandwidth
   |-  current          # a symlink to the current release in releases/
   |-  deploy.lock      # lock_file - help prevent multiple ongoing deploys
   |-  last_version     # contains the number of the last release
   '-  releases/        # dir_deploy_releases - one subdir per release
       |- 1/
       |- 2/
       |- 3/
       '- ...

Be sure to first run rsync-deploy --init, which will setup the site on your server!



Of course! However, if you're on OS X you may wish to use Bombich's rsync for improvements related to resource forks.


For better security, an ssh-key is required for use of this script. If you don't already use one, see this tutorial.



Add rsync-deploy.zsh to one of the following:

  • To /usr/local/bin, or similar
  • As a dependency in the root level of your project

Ensure it is executable:

chmod +x rsync-deploy.zsh


Customize then add .rsync-deploy-rc to the root level of any project you wish to deploy, one file per project. Every variable seen here is required. Set them accordingly.

path_deploy_from="${PWD}"                     # read in the dir of the config file
path_deploy_to="/var/www/your-site-path-here" # important!

username="ChaunceyGarrett"                    # important!
hostname=""                        # important!
port="22"                                     # important!
ssh_key="$HOME/.ssh/id_rsa"                   # important!

keep_releases="9"                             # important!


Like it?

If you have feature suggestions, please open an issue. If you have contributions, open a pull request. I appreciate any and all feedback.


This script was inspired by Capistrano, Mina, and the like.

The author(s) of this module should be contacted via the issue tracker.