A listing of scripts that I have made and/or commandeered
AppleScript Shell
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chrome - open url in new window.app/Contents
itunes @ 24b5610
omnifocus @ ae0dec8
sonos @ 3419348
__omnifocus - save todays completed tasks to a txt file.scpt
__omnifocus - weekly project report generator.scpt
applescript - maximize frontmost window.scpt
audio - Display Audio.scpt
audio - Headphones.scpt
audio - Internal Speakers.scpt
audio - Living Room Apple TV.scpt
audio - Meridian Explorer USB DAC Out.scpt
audio - NuForce µDAC 2.scpt
audio - SONOS.scpt
breaktime - run on break end.scpt
breaktime - run on break start.scpt
brightness - 25%.scpt
byword - open with marked 2.scpt
calendar - go to today.scpt
display ip address.scpt
dock - move bottom.scpt
dock - move left.scpt
dock - move right.scpt
dock - show open apps only.scpt
eaglefiler - remove duplicate files.scpt
eaglefiler - remove duplicate urls.scpt
eaglefiler - web archive to pdf.scpt
finder - change desktop background.scpt
finder - clear all windows.scpt
finder - copy file url.scpt
finder - open in terminal.scpt
kaomoji emoticons.scpt
keyboard backlighting - off.scpt
keyboard backlighting - on.scpt
keyboard backlighting - toggle.scpt
mail - archive message.scpt
mail - message list - page down.scpt
mail - message list - page up.scpt
mail - new email.scpt
marked - preview with marked.scpt
messages - activate when new message arrives.scpt
messages - custom.applescript
numbers - transpose.scpt
reminders - text file to reminders.scpt
safari - close current window and bring a new one to the front.scpt
safari - open all tabs in Firefox.scpt
safari - save all tabs to omnifocus.scpt
safari - send current tabs to clipboard.scpt
safari - supernew.scpt
set desktop background - template.scpt
sleep computer.scpt
toggle app on off.scpt
toggle app.scpt
transmit - connect to cruntch2.scpt
transmit - connect to talon2.scpt
unDock! macro (after).scpt
unDock! macro (before).scpt
vpn - UNT VPN - connect.scpt
vpn - UNT VPN - disconnect.scpt
vpn - toggle using keychain - UNT.scpt
wifi - off.scpt
wifi - on.scpt



A curated collection of scripts (including AppleScripts) that I have either made and/or commandeered.


NOTE: Each submodule may offer more useful installation instructions. Be sure to check them out as well. The below instructions will simply grab everything.

Fork the git repository and run the following:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/chauncey-garrett/scripts.git

If you plan on contributing back to the repository, add the following to .git/config before making any commits. This code will ensure that the AppleScripts are viewable under version control by decompiling them to plain text before updating the repository.

[filter "ascr"]
	clean = "$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)"/git-ascr-filter.sh --clean %f
	smudge = "$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)"/git-ascr-filter.sh --smudge %f"

Like it?

If you have feature suggestions, please open an issue. If you have contributions, open a pull request. I'd love to expand this library as much as is possible.


Note that there are scripts here that I did NOT make and have only curated with this repository. If you found a particular script useful that I did not author, please send your support to that particular person. To the best of my ability, appropriate licensing and authorship information is provided for those scripts which I have not written.

The author(s) of this module should be contacted via the issue tracker.