A simple development and build tool for HTML5 games.
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#Introduction# At it's core, Game Build is a pre-configured Grunt file that aids in the process of writing HTML5 games. By using a combination of Node.js plugins, this tool aims to speed up your development process, and make some of the more complicated tasks a bit easier.

Please note: This project is still in very early development and may have a few bugs. Feel free to create an issue in GitHub, and I will get them resolved.


  • Automatic merging, compressing, and minifying of JavaScript and CSS files.
  • Automatic creation of desktop executables (Win, Mac, and Linux) using node-webkit.
  • Built-in development server with live reloading of html, javascript, and css files - so there is no need for tools like XAMPP.

#Quick Start# There are a few requirements for using Game Build.

First, Node.js and NPM are required and can be downloaded here. For most platforms, the installer is simple and painless. If you are unfamiliar with node, check out this excellent beginner's guide.

After Node is installed, you can install Grunt by opening your command line/terminal and using the following command:

npm install -g grunt-cli

Once the requirements are setup, clone this repository, go to the cloned directory in your command line application, and run the command npm install. This will download all of the required dependencies.

Although I hope to remove it, this tool requires a specific directory structure. The "game" directory included in this repo is already setup for you to use. Javascript files must go in the js directory, CSS files in the css directory, and all other game related files in the assets directory.

Note: this tool already has a copy of the outstanding Phaser game framework included, but using it is not required.

Once the dependencies are installed, you can use the following commands:

grunt dev # Starts the development server and live reloading server.

grunt build # Creates a production version of your game in the 'build' directory

grunt release # Creates a windows, mac, and linux executable using node-webkit

##Executable Configuration## You can configure your executables by editing the game.json file. Most of the fields are pretty self-explanatory, but for more information on node-webkit manifest files, click here.

#Known Issues#

  • If the build directory is empty, grunt will throw an error about missing the package.json file. This error can be ignored, just run grunt build for the first time and the error will go away.

#Future Plans#

  • Rewrite the tool to be it's own command line application.
  • Add support for Coffee and TypeScript files
  • Add build targets for iOS and Android using PhoneGap