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An internal first iteration of the CheatBreaker Bukkit API. This API was used for many CheatBreaker features on MineHQ/Ultra, such as teammate waypoint markers, voice chat, the enabling/disabling of staff modules, etc. This was intended to be replaced by a much nicer public API.
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The CheatBreaker API will allow you to detect when a player is running CheatBreaker, enable and disable HUD modules, allow x-ray for your staff, and much more.

Reporting an issue

If you suspect an issue you can submit one here.

Get the Source

  1. Install maven sudo apt-get install maven
  2. Verify installation mvn -v
  3. Clone the repository git clone
  4. Navigate to the new folder cd cheatbreakerapi
  5. Import pom.xml into your IDE

Compile a Build

  1. Navigate to the repository home directory
  2. Run mvn clean install
  3. Find the compiled jar at target/CheatBreakerAPI.jar


You can submit a pull request with your changes.


Documentation can be found on the wiki pages.

Approval for Public Release

General: Approved for public release on 12/29/2019.

Details: This release is not supported or maintained and was released only to showcase some of the early functionality and things that were possible with the CheatBreaker Bukkit API. Keep in mind, this was an internal version of the API that was going to be overhauled for a public release. Additionally, this project depends on CheatBreaker/CheatBreakerAPINetHandler, which is not publicly available at this time.

License: GNU/GPL v3

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