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Important security information regarding the CheatBreaker Client.
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Security Advisory

This repository contains important security information regarding CheatBreaker.

General Information

  • CheatBreaker is NOT currently available to the public. We highly recommend that you do NOT download any files claiming to be CheatBreaker. Many people have created viruses and other malicious programs while pretending to be our official software.
  • We do NOT have "paid versions" of CheatBreaker, nor do we provide means for anyone to obtain it for real money. If somebody is trying to sell you CheatBreaker, it's a scam.

Files and Cryptographic Signatures

  • Real CheatBreaker files are cryptographically signed and timestamped. This guarantees that the files you are running actually came from us.
  • When you run a legitimate CheatBreaker executable, you will see that the file is signed by CheatBreaker, LLC:

Signed Executable

Certificate Info

Certificate Details

Serial Number: 0d9760c0d3af1246f8dc151117ac2495

Fingerprint: 20379d97dcbe9795c57411e16cb6a79affc8efcb

If a file claiming to be CheatBreaker does not have this cryptographic signature, you can absolutely, positively, guarantee that the file is not ours. CheatBreaker does not currently have any other codesigning certificates.

Social Media Accounts

  • The only Twitter accounts operated by us are: @CheatBreaker and @AskCheatBreaker.
  • We do not have a Discord or use any other social media platforms.


If you find that people are distributing files without the CheatBreaker signature, are selling or attempting to sell CheatBreaker software or source-code, or are unlawfully using our brand to distribute viruses, please e-mail with all of the relevant details. We take such reports extremely seriously and will thoroughly investigate every report.

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