Demo application on how to import respondents using our API.
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#Respondent Importer

Using our API it is possible to import respondents for a certain survey. To demonstrate this feature, we have built this custom example application showing you how you can achive the import.

In this demo, you will be able choose a LIVE survey from your account. Then you can upload a csv file with the results you would like to import.


  1. A free CheckMarket account. Sign up if you don't have one yet.
  2. API keys, you can create them in your CheckMarket account. Your key needs the role Results (Write) and should be stored in your UserSecrets.
  3. Environment in which you are able to run this ASP.NET Core 1 application

##API requests In this demo we are using the API to retrieve all required information to activate the import:

GET - /3/surveys Retrieve the surveyId, Title and Languages for all live surveys

GET - /3/surveys/{surveyid}/questions Retrieve the questions for the selected survey

POST - 3/surveys/{surveyid}/respondents Send the new respondents