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.. http:get:: /api/3.0/booking/index

        Retrieve a listing of bookings in the system.

        Query timestamps may be Date strings or unix timestamps, and can be prefixed with '<' or '>' to match before or after a date.

        :query string status_id: The current status of a booking.
        :query integer customer_id: The customer id associated with the booking.
        :query string customer_email: The customer email associated with the booking.
        :query string/timestamp start_date: The date the booking starts on (i.e. check-in).
        :query string/timestamp end_date: The date the booking ends on (i.e. check-out).
        :query string/timestamp created_date: The date the booking was created.
        :query string/timestamp last_modified: The date the booking was last changed. Useful for getting bookings added or changed since your last call.
        :query string partner_id: The partner account ID that a booking is attributed to.
        :query integer item_id: The ID of an item attached to the booking.
        :query integer limit: The limit of bookings to return per page (default: 100).
        :query integer page: The page of results to return.

        :>jsonarr integer booking_id: The internal index of a booking.
        :>jsonarr string code: The unique booking reference code.
        :>jsonarr string status_id: The status code of the booking.
        :>jsonarr string status_name: The display name of the booking status.
        :>jsonarr timestamp created_date: The date/time the booking was created.
        :>jsonarr float total: The full value of the booking.
        :>jsonarr float tax_total: The sum of the taxes applied to the booking.
        :>jsonarr float paid_total: The amount the customer has paid on the booking.
        :>jsonarr string customer_name: The full name of the booking contact.
        :>jsonarr string customer_email: The email address of the booking contact.
        :>jsonarr string summary: A brief description of the contents of the booking.
        :>jsonarr string date_desc: A string describing the booked dates/times.
        :>jsonarr string token: A customer token for the booking, can be used to build links to customer portions of the reservation system.

        .. literalinclude:: ../../examples/response/booking-index.json
                :language: json
                :emphasize-lines: 27-45