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Booking Modified & Booking Status Change

The Booking Modified webhook event is triggered whenever a booking is created or modified, and the Booking Status Change webhook event is triggered whenever a booking status is altered. These events may occur simultaneously in some circumstances, and both are triggered whenever a booking status is changed. Using both of these events on the same webhook endpoint URL is discouraged.

A JSON, XML, or x-www-form-urlencoded object containing the following export fields can be found in directly in the raw body of the POST request to your server:


Field Type Description
status string The current status code of the booking
code string A unique booking code used to refer to the booking
created_date timestamp The date on which the booking was created
staff_id integer Account ID of the staff account used to create the booking
source_ip string The IP address used to create the booking
start_date timestamp The start date/time of the booking, based on order items
end_date timestamp The end date/time of the booking, based on order items
customer array Customer details attached to the booking (See :ref:`note-booking-customer` below)
meta array A set of fields containing your custom parameters and other info
order array Details on booking items and payment. See :ref:`note-booking-order` below
tid string Details on the Tracking ID used for referral & campaign tracking


Field Type Description
code string The customer's unique account code
customer_name string The customer's full name
customer_email string The customer's email address
customer_address string The customer's street address
customer_region string The customer's province or state
customer_country string The customer's country of residence
customer_postal_zip string The customer's postal or zip code
customer_phone string The customer's phone number


Contains each of the form fields associated with a booking.


Field Type Description
sub_total float The sub-total of all charges added to the order
paid_total float The total amount the customer has paid on the order
total float The total of all charges and taxes added to the order
tax_total float The sum of all taxes applied to the order
taxes array Individual taxes that have been applied to the order, their names, and amounts
discount float The amount that has been discounted from the order total (if applicable)
items array Details on items included in the order (See :ref:`note-booking-order-items` below)


An entry for each item in the booking will contain following fields:

Field Type Description
start_date timestamp The start date of the booking item
end_date timestamp The end date of the booking item
sku string The unique stock keeping unit of the item
slip string The booking slip attached to the item
package integer The package the item belongs to (if applicable)
status string The booking status of the item
total float The total price of the booking item
tax_total float The sum of taxes applied to this item
qty integer The quantity of this item in the booking

Sample Booking Notification


.. literalinclude:: ../../examples/response/webhook-booking.json
        :language: json


.. literalinclude:: ../../examples/response/webhook-booking.xml
        :language: xml