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Item Update

This webhook is triggered whenever any items are altered on your account.

A JSON, XML, or x-www-form-urlencoded object containing the following export fields can be found in directly in the raw body of the POST request to your server:


Field Type Description
unit string The allocation type for the item.
sku string The item's SKU
url string The Item's "More Info URL"
lock integer

If the item has Date Based Inventory control active.

0 means that Date-based inventory is disabled.

visibility string

The visibility of this item on the booking page.

  • * for Everyone
  • S for Staff
  • P for Packages Only
name string The name of the item.
pos integer The sort order integer.
meta object Contains meta details for the item. This changes based on the add-ons and data for the item.
stock integer The item's inventory.
unlimited integer

This returns if the item's inventory is unlimited or not.

0 means the inventory is limited.

video object See :ref:`note-item-video` below.
image object See :ref:`note-item-image` below.
category_id integer The id of the category this item is in.
rated integer

If this item is simple or not.

0 means the item is simple.

product_group_type string

The type of item this is in a Product Group.

P is for Parent, C is child.

product_group_children object Contains the Item object of the items that are children of the main item.
type string Determines if this is an Item or a Gift Certificate.
status string This is the availability status for the item.
alias_id integer The ID of the item this is aliased too. This will not show the ID of items aliased to this item.
len integer The fixed length of the item.
rules object Contains the item's parameters, fixed length, and attribute specific rules such as default length start time, etc.
category string The name of the category this item is in.

Field Type Description
id string This is the identifying string for the Youtube URL.
start integer How many seconds into the video to start.


Field Type Description
# integer The index of the image. The images are numbered in the order they were uploaded, but are organized in the order they are displayed on the item.


Field Type Description
src string The identifying string for the image.
path string The identifying path to where the image is found relative to your Checkfront Account URL.
url string
The identifying path to where a full sized version
image is found on the server.
url_medium string The identifying path to where a medium version of the image is found on the server.
url_small string The identifying path to where a small version of the image is found on the server.

Sample Item Update Notification


.. literalinclude:: ../../examples/response/webhook-item-update.json
        :language: json


.. literalinclude:: ../../examples/response/webhook-item-update.xml
        :language: xml