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A header-only C++ library converts XML to JSON
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A header-only C++ library converts XML to JSON


xml2json is a header-only C++ library. Just copy the ./include folder to system or project's include path. Two examples are shown in xml2json.cpp and ./test/test.cpp

Build and Run a Command Line Tool

./xml2json input.xml


std::string xml2json(const char *xml_str)


xml2json is the first carefully written C++ library that converts XML document to JSON format. It's already been used in the soft subtitle cross-domain solution at the server-end of Tencent Video ( and its CDNs.

It's simple and fast, and with almost full support for the XML standards.

It follows these simple but carefully considered rules below:

Pattern XML JSON Access
1 <e/> "e": null o.e
2 <e>text</e> "e": "text" o.e
3 <e name="value" /> "e":{"@name": "value"} o.e["@name"]
4 <e name="value">text</e> "e": { "@name": "value", "#text": "text" } o.e["@name"] o.e["#text"]
5 <e> <a>text</a> <b>text</b> </e> "e": { "a": "text", "b": "text" } o.e.a o.e.b
6 <e> <a>text</a> <a>text</a> </e> "e": { "a": ["text", "text"] } o.e.a[0] o.e.a[1]
7 <e> text <a>text</a> </e> "e": { "#text": "text", "a": "text" } o.e["#text"] o.e.a

Tested Under

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • OpenWRT


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