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React Native Debugger and Redux Example

This repo is here to explain how to setup the React Native Debugger and Redux. Being able to debug your code is extremely important to the success of any project and that remains true when working with React Native. While the Chrome Developer Tools are wonderful with React Native, they're missing the React Developer Tools as well as the Redux Developer Tools.

Having spent some time configuring my own project recently, I wanted to share my experiences with other people.

Here are the basic steps to get started:

  1. Clone the repository to your machine
  2. Run yarn install from the root of the project
  3. Install React Native Debugger
  4. Open React Native Debugger (close any other Chrome Developer Tool debugging windows you have open)
  5. Run yarn ios to start the iOS simulator

Now that the simulator and the React Native Debugger are up and running, you have access to a number of amazing development tools.

  • Your JavaScript code
  • Chrome developer tools
  • React Devtools
  • Redux Devtools


Example that shows how to setup React Native Debugger with Redux



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