A simple sentiment analysis tool for C# using AFINN.
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AFINN-based sentiment analysis for C#

This is a library that utilises the AFINN sentiment lexicon to make a simple sentiment analysis.


Grab the newest word list from http://www2.imm.dtu.dk/pubdb/views/publication_details.php?id=6010 before you begin and put it in the db folder in the project, remember to change the constructor of Sentiment.cs to match your AFINN file name.

Simply reference SharpFinn in your project and you are able to make simple sentiment analysis:

var sentiment = Sentiment.Instance;
var score = sentiment.GetScore("Baboons are totally redicuoulsy looking with their ugly red bottoms");
Console.WriteLine("Score: {0}", score.Sentiment);
Console.WriteLine("Average Tokens: {0}", score.AverageSentimentTokens);
Console.WriteLine("Average Words: {0}", score.AverageSentimentWords);