Just a demo showing Xamarin.Forms working with MvvmCross
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Xamarin.Forms + MvvmCross

The code in this project is obsolete!

Look in MvvmCross-Forms for the latest Xamarin.Forms presenters and samples.

Just a demo showing Xamarin.Forms working with MvvmCross.

This demo uses TMDB to get a list of movies the user searches for, each movie can be shown with details.

It uses ListView, Image, Label, Button and other controls from Xamarin.Forms, and these are bound to ViewModels created with MvvmCross.

It also provides an MvvmCross implementation for the Android and iOS platform, to use Xamarin.Forms with it, this includes custom Presenters and Activities. This code is based on the Mvx-Books code (private repo, thanks Stuart!


01 droid 02 droid 01 ios 02 ios