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  1. CONTENTS ===========

  2. Introduction

  3. Building from source

  4. Story

  5. Controls

  6. Credits

  7. Resources

  8. Known Issues

  9. Dependencies

  10. INTRODUCTION ===============

Hey and thanks for checking out FLAT!

FLAT was created by Johan "SteelRaven7" Hassel, Josh "Cheeseness" Bush, Johannes "jo_shadow" Peter and Anton Riehl for the 7 Day FPS Challenge 2012.

Inspired by early first person shooters, arcade genres and popular sci-fi, we aimed to create a unique and hopefully memorable gameplay experience.

In the several days following the conclusion of the 7 Day FPS Challenge, we spent time polishing numerous gameplay aspects and adding additional audio to the game. At this stage, we still consider it a work in progress, but we believe that it is enjoyable and playable in its current state.

A month or so after the 7DFPS challenge ended, we released FLAT under the GPL. You can find the source here:

Thanks again, and don't hesitate to leave feedback if you feel like it!

/The FLAT Team

Please see the INSTALL file for compilation instructions.

  1. BUILDING FROM SOURCE =======================

FLAT uses cmake to automatically build the required makefiles, so cmake is a required dependency if you want to build FLAT from source using this method.

In the root directory (FLAT):

$ cmake .

$ make

The binary should be located in the out-folder after compilation.

  1. STORY ========

You play as the last remaining individual of a race who has fallen under the mind control of the evil Pulse Dragon. Marooned on a crystaline world, you must fight your way through hordes of your own kind to slay the mighty Pulse Dragon and free your people.

(Seriously, we didn't have a lot of time to flesh out story <3)

  1. CONTROLS ===========

Look around using the mouse, or the arrow keys.

Hold W and alternate between A/D to move forward (think ice-skating!). Holding S allows you to accelerate backwards in the same manner. When you have gained sufficient speed, you can "carve" or slide left/right by holding down A or D for longer periods.

Holding A or D and pressing space allows you to jump and dodge projectiles.

You can pick up new weapons and health kits from supply capsules. They play a sound when they spawn, so keep an eye out for the white beam that indicates one. Pressing H or Q will use a health kit.

Use the left mouse button, X or the Up key to shoot.

The escape key will pause the game.

  1. CREDITS ==========

You can find us on twitter: Johan "SteelRaven7" Hassel (code): @SteelRaven7 Josh "Cheeseness" Bush (3D art + bit of code + bit of audio): @twolofbees Johannes "jo_shadow" Peter (concept art + audio): @jo_shadow Anton Riehl (music): @antonriehl

Special thanks to @slime73 for assistance with MacOS builds! Special thanks to aaorris

  1. RESOURCES ============

Shotgun sound based on sound by PhreaKsAccount

Pistol, SMG sound based on sound by Steveygos93

The Blender material used for the crystals came from the Blender Open Material Repository

  1. KNOWN ISSUES ===============
  • Sometimes, on rare occasions, the camera will spin wildly at the start of the game on MacOS
  • There are invisible crystals that the player can bump into
  • The MacOS version of the Allegro 5 library has a bug preventing mouse input from working correctly in FLAT. MacOS users will need to use the left and right arrow keys to look around.
  • On rare occasions, enemies may not spawn on MacOS
  • Arch Linux users have reported crashes when initialising audio. A workaround can be found here:
  1. DEPENDENCIES ===============

FLAT uses Allegro 5 ( ). You will need the following packages.

Please note that the current Linux build of FLAT is 32 bit only, and may require additional 32 bit libraries.

allegro5 allegro5-addon-ttf allegro5-addon-audio allegro5-addon-acodec allegro5-addon-image


FLAT is a first person ice skating combat game that was originally created for the 7 Day FPS Challenge.




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