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0.1 (unreleased)
* Fixed GCC compiler warnings
* Fixed uninitialised lean variables in Player
* Fixed bug with scenery array size
* Fixed frame container array index bug
* Fixed MacOS mouse bug (fixed upstream in Allegro)
Post-7DFPS (2012-06-20)
Released to address outstanding issues and respond to insights gained from feedback on the initial 7DFPS builds.
* Adjusted starting healthkit count (is now 0)
* Adjusted supply capsule healthkit count (is now 3)
* Adjusted SMG damage (slightly more powerful)
* Adjusted enemy skater spawn count and max skater variable (now is linked to how many weapons you’ve picked up)
* Adjusted enemy skater damage (slightly reduced)
* Adjusted enemy skater health (halved)
* Adjusted dragon head health (halved)
* Adjusted dragon terminal flee velocity (reduced)
* Added maximum dragon flee distance
* Added pain sounds
* Added death sound
* Added skating sounds for enemy skaters
* Added firing sound to enemy skaters
* Added minimum firing distance for enemy skaters (to stop point blank shots)
* Added pain sounds for enemy skaters
* Added death sounds for enemy skaters
* Added pain sounds for dragon
* Added death sound for dragon
* Adjusted supply capsule visual indicator ("skybeam")
* Added maximum spawn time for supply capsules (pickupTime wasn’t actually being reset when supply capsules spawned)
* Added supply capsule spawn sound
* Added supply capsule pickup sound
* Added supply capsule destruction
* Added splash screen for death ending
* Added automatic quit after dragon slaying ending splash screen
* Added splash screen for pause state
* Added pause state
* Adjusted number of scuff marks (tripled)
* Adjusted aspect of scuffmark images (quick fix to sidestep in-engine transformation)
* Added background scenery
* Adjusted keyboard look speed (increased)
* Added alternate health key (Q and H)
* Added alternate firing key (X and Up)
* Adjusted dying time (halved)
* Adjusted shooting logic to prevent players from shooting during the last half of their death
* Added additional console output to track spawning
* Added default value for Player->gameOver (false)
* Added basic context sensitive music system
* Added music tracks by Anton Riehl
7DFPS (2012-06-16)
Released at the conclusion of the 7 Day First Person Shooter Challenge.
* Initial development by SteelRaven7, Cheeseness and jo_shadow