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Welcome to the UNIXLIB wiki!

This wiki is dedicated to hosting documentation concerning the UNIXLIB library, hosted here.

As implied by its name, the library is meant to be used on Linux systems as a minimalistic syscall abstraction layer. The library is currently only guaranteed to work on the following platforms:

  • Linux x86_64 (gcc)
  • Linux x86 (gcc)

Compilation errors have been reported on Android environments. While they haven't been tested, most features should work on any POSIX-compliant environment.

Dynamic memory allocation

Character testing

Character transformation

Input/Ouput (stdout)

Input/Output (stderr)

  • my_errc
  • my_errn
  • my_errs
  • my_lerrs

File descriptor manipulation

Input/Output (other file descriptor)

  • my_fdgetc
  • my_fdgetn
  • my_fdgets
  • my_fdlputs
  • my_fdputc
  • my_fdputn
  • my_fdputs

String manipulation

  • my_memchr
  • my_memcpy
  • my_memset
  • my_strcat
  • my_strcmp
  • my_strcpy
  • my_strlcpy
  • my_strlen
  • my_strncpy
  • my_strcat


  • my_atoi
  • my_rand
  • my_exit
  • my_retstr

Linked lists

  • my_list_init
  • my_list_free
  • my_list_append