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Example of adding custom fingerprint implementation to ChemAxon MadFast version 0.2.3
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Custom fingerprint calculation in MadFast CLI release 0.2.3

This projects contains a code/build example for a custom fingerprint calculation integration into MadFast version 0.2.3. Please note that in future release(s) the method of such integration might be changed. Please note that these example codes use beta or non-public APIs.

Feel free to contact us at with any further questions.


  • madfast-cli-0.2.3 should be unpacked and available in next to this project (in ../madfast-cli-0.2.3)
  • MadFast prerequisites (Java, ChemAxon licenses, etc) must be satisfied (for details see MadFast Getting started guide).
  • For building internet access is needed for the Gradle Wrapper to download the used Gradle distribution.

Try it out

Launch from the project root. After successfull execution the embedded server of the WebUI will listen on port 8081 and a browser will be opened to location http://localhost:8081.


This project is distributed under the Apache License 2.0. Dependencies of this project are ChemAxon proprietary products which are not covered by this license. Please note that redistribution of ChemAxon proprietary products is not allowed.

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