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cdamp stands for "Chemical Development's Audio/Music Plugins"

It's a collection of standard and new types of audio plugins, suitable for cool and interesting effects.

All code is GPLv3

All are ladspa plugins


Here are all the effects (with their dependencies):

You can compile any specific effect by running make plugins/

For example, make plugins/

Gain (

  • None



For all features, install:



To build, clone or download this repository, and then enter the directory, and then run:

make build

That should build all plugins and put their final libraries in the plugins/ directory


Make sure you have MingW or a similar thing installed, then run:

make -f

And, for a typical LMMS installation, run:

make -f install INSTALL_PLUGIN_DIR=$HOME/lmms/plugins/ladspa

For a typical Audacity installation, run:

make -f install INSTALL_PLUGIN_DIR=/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Audacity/Plug-Ins/


LADSPA (Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API) is a way to write simple (VST-Like) audio processing plugins.

You can use these in LMMS, Apple's GarageBand, Audacity, and many more hosts.

There are a few limitations to LADSPA:

  1. Only numbers (not strings) can be used as input. So, every plugin must only use that
  2. There are no instruments (only effects). This means it isn't a synthesizer, only effects

The file ladspa.h (the only source required) is embedded in this project as src/ladspa.h.

For the full source, see here.

Compile that and then you can use the applyplugin and analyzeplugin binaries to test out whether your plugins work.

The end result should be .so files on MacOS/Linux or .dll files on windows (although building on Windows is not yet supported.)