Video game - Unity Engine - Based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft
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This is the repository for Cthulhu. An open source game project! Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft


Check out our page on the wiki for builds


The project has just begun. Open an issue ( to suggest a feature, or if you want to help develop, email us at

You play as characters from the short story "The Call of Cthulhu", and try to piece together the mystery of the Cthulhu Cult and The Great Old Ones. You fight through levels comprised mainly of the Cthulhu Cult, a cult who worships Cthulhu, who will fight to death to stop you from finding out more about The Great Old Ones. Armed initially with only a revolver and a knife, you play as Inspector Legrasse, a police inspector who is determined to find out more about the mysterious cult. On your journey, you find very curious things, which you can use as weapons, or upgrade your current weapons with these strange idols. You need to defeat a number of The Great Old Ones to aquire powerful relics related to the beast you have just slain. Some Great Old Ones require you to use previously gained relics to defeat them, giving a rough chronological outline of the story. After you go around the world unearthing and destroying these aliens, you can then fight the Outer Gods, but you must first defeat a few specific Great Old Ones, including the Great Cthulhu.

Current Progress

  • 2D Platformer - Most physics are done, most changes are in AI pathfinding ~ 70%
  • Player - Physics worked out, most weapons systems done. Mostly animations and weapons ~ 40%
  • Enemies - Very basic enemies that follow you, and jump if you are above them, but have no attacks/weapons ~ 15%
  • Levels - Basic level 2%
  • Main menu - Menu with multiple screens, help and settings ~ 40%
  • Ingame menu - Settings and help from main menu, paused game, but no inventory/upgrading ~ 30%
  • Settings - No custom input manager yet, but audio and video settings being implemented ~ 25%
  • Animation - A lot to go, but not urgent ~ 10%
  • Bosses - Absolutely no functionality, but we do have cthulhu pixel art ~ .1%

Overall - Most of the basics down, main things are bulk level design, and enemies ~ 20%

Immediate Feature Plan

  • More weapons
  • Enemies with attack/weapons
  • "Home base town" where the character goes, boot camp