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The lizards album was released today, and contains these tracks:

  1. ChemicalDevelopment Anthem
  2. Lizardcrats
  3. (I'm in Love With a) Lizard
  4. 2D Girl
  5. Bee Stung
  6. Wild Ride
  7. Innsmouth March (Chase Mix)
  8. I Want It
  9. Thumbs Up
  10. Hubert House
  11. Gut Feeling

You can listen to the songs on SoundCloud here.

You can listen on YouTube here.

It hasn't been distributed via Spotify yet, and I will update this post once it is available on Spotify.

You are free to download the songs in this releases (files located at the bottom of the page):

  • wav_16bit.tar.gz contains 16 bit 44100hz uncompressed wav files of all the songs (CD quality, 278 MB)
  • mp3_320kbps.tar.gz contains 320 kpbs 44100hz compressed mp3 files of all the songs (less than CD quality, 73 MB)

And additional resources, such as:

  • AlbumArt.png - official album art
  • booklet.tar.gz - contains a few files for printing and viewing the booklet for jewel case
  • back.png - jewel case back
  • disk_cutout.pdf - for printing CD stickers
  • print_kit.tar.gz - instructions and source material for all printing procedures.
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