ChenThread Image Format, an image converter intended for Minecraft computer mods.
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An image format for OpenComputers and ComputerCraft. See releases for JAR converter binaries.


To run CTIFConverter, you need Java 8.

java -jar CTIFConverter.jar -h

will be your best friend. Here's an example command:

java -jar CTIFConverter.jar -m oc-tier3 -P preview.png -o image.ctif image.png

will convert image.png to image.ctif and kindly save preview.png as a preview file. (The "-P preview.png" can be omitted)

java -jar CTIFConverter.jar -m cc -W 102 -H 57 -o image.ctif image.png

will convert your image into a ComputerCraft picture of at most 102x57. If you want to ignore the aspect ratio and force it to be exactly 102x57, use "-N".

Note when running on Windows

Download imagemagick for java, then add the path to an env variable called IM4JAVA_TOOLPATH


If you just want to view CTIF files, see the viewers directory.

  • ctif-cc.lua - ComputerCraft image viewer. "ctif-cc {file} [monitor side]" to use. If it errors about the image size being too large, keep in mind it operates on characters, while the converter operates on pixels - to convert from one to the other, multiply the width by 2 and the height by 3.

  • ctif-oc.lua - OpenComputers image viewer. Not optimized - expect it to load images slower than what you saw at BTM. Requires Lua 5.3.

An optimized OpenComputers viewer will be released as part of the promised-at-BTM15 release of OpenPoint soon.

OpenComputers note

To run this, you need to set the CPU's architecture to Lua 5.3, to do this, just sneak-click the cpu while holding it.