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100% GNU GPL WordPress framework
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Module system.




  • ADD: new module - cherry5-assets-loader
  • ADD: lock-option feature
  • ADD: 3rd parameter $this for cherry_breadcrumbs_items filter
  • ADD: new property - module version (using in register/enqueue css and js files)
  • ADD: dropdown-pages control in cherry-customizer module
  • UPD: style for widgets
  • UPD: use cherry-interface-builder in widget form
  • UPD: remove deprecated methods in cherry-widget-factory module
  • UPD: added check for AJAX-handlers in cherry-handler module
  • UPD: copyright years
  • FIX: cherry-handler module
  • FIX: placeholder attribute in UI-select
  • FIX: allow home link in breadcrumbs inherit main page title
  • FIX: function get_terms_array() in cherry-utility module
  • FIX: HTML validation for UI-elements


  • HOTFIX: iconpicker control for cherry-customizer module


  • ADD: allow to filter CSS reserved words while parsing functions
  • ADD: async query in cherry-handler module
  • UPD: UI-kit styles (UI-button, UI-text, UI-textarea, UI-stepper, UI-colorpicker, UI-switcher, UI-select, UI-media)
  • UPD: use wp_add_inline_style instead of wp_head for printing inline CSS
  • UPD: UI-button class prefix
  • UPD: cherry5-insert-shortcode module styles
  • UPD: allow to use description argument in iconpicker
  • FIX: UI-repeater, UI-radio master and slave bug
  • FIX: cherry-template-manager module
  • FIX: change meta_key in cherry-utility module - #149


  • ADD: new modules - cherry5-insert-shortcode, cherry-db-udpates
  • ADD: text-domain
  • FIX: compatibility with WordPress 4.7
  • FIX: sanitization method in cherry-utility - #141
  • FIX: duplicate argument in UI-button - #126
  • UPD: license link in php-file headers


  • ADD: macros filter into cherry-template-manager module
  • ADD: function bg-image() into cherry-dynamic-css module
  • UPD: cherry-interface-builder module styles
  • UPD: Google fonts json-file
  • FIX: Issues #124
  • FIX: Issues #123
  • FIX: Issues #120
  • FIX: Issues #118
  • FIX: Issues #116
  • FIX: Issues #115
  • FIX: UI-media button
  • DEL: system notices in cherry-handler module


  • ADD: UI-button
  • ADD: new modules - cherry-handler, cherry-template-manager
  • ADD: dynamic CSS collector
  • UPD: re-factoring methods calling in cherry-post-meta module
  • FIX: replace file_get_contents to prevent validation errors
  • FIX: post meta saving
  • FIX: #81
  • FIX: #96
  • FIX: #100
  • FIX: #102
  • FIX: #109
  • DEL: cherry-page-builder module


  • ADD: new module: cherry-interface-builder
  • UPD: cherry-utility module:
    1. fix for the cut_text method
    2. added get_placeholder_url method
  • UPD: UI-elements:
    1. added an option to disable ui_kit for the repeater element
    2. updated master/salve js logic in UI-elements
    3. updated HTML markup for UI-switcher, input type="hiden" replaced with double input type="radio"
  • UPD: cherry-customizer module: file system method replaced with native WordPress method
  • UPD: cherry-post-meta module:
    1. added data processing procedure before saving to the database
    2. added an option to add columns to the post listing page in the admin panel.
  • FIX: PHP-errors in cherry-post-format-api
  • DEL: remove unnecessary modules: cherry-taxonomies, cherry-post-types, cherry-creator


  • FIX: saving process in cherry-post-meta module


  • Init stable version


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