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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ruleset name="WordPress Theme Coding Standards">
<!-- See -->
<!-- See -->
<!-- Set a description for this ruleset. -->
<description>A custom set of code standard rules to check for WordPress themes.</description>
<!-- Include the WordPress ruleset, with space for exclusions if necessary. -->
<rule ref="WordPress-Core">
<exclude name="Generic.WhiteSpace.ScopeIndent.Incorrect" />
<exclude name="Generic.WhiteSpace.ScopeIndent.IncorrectExact" />
<exclude name="PEAR.Functions.FunctionCallSignature.Indent" />
<exclude name="Squiz.Commenting.FileComment.SpacingAfterComment" />
<exclude name="Squiz.Commenting.FunctionComment.MissingParamTag" />
<exclude name="Squiz.Commenting.InlineComment.InvalidEndChar" />
<exclude name="Squiz.Commenting.InlineComment.NotCapital" />
<rule ref="WordPress-Docs">