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Cherry Framework 4

Cherry Framework 4 - is a theme configuration framework for WordPress CMS.

Framework itself contain a starter parent theme, theme configuration options, post formats templates etc. Cherry Framework 4 parent theme is based on _s.

From the box Cherry Framework 4 offers:

  • Theme configuration options (layout options, blog settings, styling options, navigation options, typography settings etc.).
  • Post format templates. Each WordPress post type has it's own template with unique markup.
  • Post layouts. You can confugure page layout for each post individually.
  • Static Area Builder. With easy to use drag-n-drop interface you can configure blocks in static areas (header, footer, showcase etc.)

You can learn more about Cherry Framework 4 features from the official documentation.

Change log


  • ADD: sidebar templates (WordPress 4.5 compatibility)
  • ADD: hooks in comments.php template
  • FIX: php-notice that showing after query-monitor plugin update
  • FIX: UI-repeater element
  • FIX: PHP7 compatibility
  • FIX: static registration if area in params are not exists
  • FIX: breadcrumbs on front page with latest post
  • FIX: marker for aside post format
  • FIX: set post context for WooCommerce shop archive and taxonomies
  • FIX: inherit Grid Type, Layout etc. options for category pages
  • FIX: init option to select main motoslider in static
  • UPD: improved basic styles
  • UPD: languages files
  • UPD: Header Sidebar and Footer Sidebars statics behavior


  • FIX: Stop using a native function the_post_navigation - absence a important CSS-class .paging-navigation


  • ADD: class Cherry_Current_Page to store and quick access to page specific data
  • ADD: header background to current page data
  • ADD: PHP-class Cherry_CSS_Grabber
  • ADD: cherry_option_ . $name filter
  • UPD: Refactoring for getting container classes functions
  • UPD: Improved cherry_video_atts function-callback
  • UPD: admin/public files require
  • UPD: Moved a cherry_get_styles function from styles.php to utils.php file
  • UPD: Partical export
  • UPD: Statics import
  • UPD: Compressed backend stylesheets
  • UPD: Using a native WordPress function the_post_navigation
  • UPD: Localized files
  • UPD: Default options value
  • FIX:
  • FIX:
  • FIX:
  • FIX: Modification of the list of image sizes that are available in the WP Media Library
  • FIX: ui-typography element
  • FIX: Deregister a WooCommerce backend style
  • FIX: aria-controls attribute in toggle menu button
  • FIX: iframe css
  • DEL: wp_audio_shortcode filter
  • DEL: ui-notice element


  • NEW: Option for Home page title in breadcrumbs
  • NEW: Macros-logic for comment item
  • ADD: Filter cherry_dynamic_styles_before to add custom dynamic style before main
  • ADD: Filter to archive page-layout option
  • ADD: Breadcrumbs mobile option hint
  • ADD: Allow to use font icons for breadcrumbs labels
  • UPD: Compressed utils-scripts
  • UPD: Moved style for Secodary Menu to the _wpnative.scss file
  • FIX: PHP-errors if MotoPress Slider not activated
  • FIX: PHP-notices in Cherry_Layouts and Cherry_Grid_Type metaboxes
  • FIX: Interface elements
  • FIX: WooCommerce compatibility
  • FIX: Style for a calendar widget
  • FIX: Style for gallery item with long caption


  • UPD: Including assets for a Interface Builder and Static Page
  • UPD: UI-elements optimization


  • NEW: Feature - formatting the chat post format
  • ADD: Support microformats (xfn)
  • ADD: Options visibility
  • ADD: Hidden value for ui-repeater element
  • UPD: Rename blank.pot to cherry.pot
  • UPD: Custom menu registration
  • UPD: Optimazed slow queries in DB
  • UPD: .po files
  • UPD: Compressed a third-party css
  • FIX: Sanitize for a custom static classes
  • FIX: php-notice on 404-page
  • FIX: Prevent PHP errors caused by CSS compiler
  • DEL: Unnecessary using var global $cherry_registered_statics


  • ADD: statics visibility feature
  • ADD: rtl.css
  • ADD: WPML-plugin support
  • ADD: enable/disable option for a single post navigation
  • ADD: a control classes for page <article>
  • ADD: large CSS-class to the post-format image
  • FIX: php-notice
  • FIX: enqueue magnific-popup script
  • FIX: default theme options creating
  • FIX: footer-sidebars static
  • UPD: translated text
  • UPD: languages files
  • UPD: change require_once to include while including dynamic CSS files in CSS compiler
  • UPD: button colors (in options page)
  • UPD: Post content option
  • UPD: cherry_typography_size function
  • UPD: magnific-popup.css
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