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Welcome to Cherry Network

The Cherry Network is an innovative Decentralized Autonomous Organization developing a layer-one blockchain network optimized for data operations. Distributed file storage, smarter.

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Cherry Network has a number of repositories, some important ones include:

  • apps: a basic Polkadot/Substrate user interface and an interactive layer that allows portal into the Cherry Network.
  • Cherry-Node: the Cherry Network's node implemented in Rust.
  • go-substrate-rpc-client: a golang implementation of Substrate RPC client.
  • rust-ipfs: a rust implementation of the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) within Cherry Network protocol.
  • substrate: a framework for blockchain technology and innovation used within Cherry Network.
  • substrate-connect: an interface that run WebAssembly Light Clients of any Substrate based chain directly in your browser.


Cherry Network has a number of stacks as languages used in the project development. The top ones consist:

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  1. cherry-relay-node cherry-relay-node Public

    Forked from paritytech/polkadot

    Cherry Network Relay Node Implementation

    Rust 2

  2. Cherry-Node Cherry-Node Public

    Cherry Network's node implemented in Rust

    Rust 76 18

  3. go-substrate-rpc-client go-substrate-rpc-client Public

    Forked from centrifuge/go-substrate-rpc-client

    Substrate RPC client for go aka GSRPC


  4. rust-ipfs rust-ipfs Public

    Forked from rs-ipfs/rust-ipfs

    The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), implemented in Rust.


  5. substrate-connect substrate-connect Public

    Forked from paritytech/substrate-connect

    Run Wasm Light Clients of any Substrate based chain directly in your browser.


  6. apps apps Public

    Forked from polkadot-js/apps

    Basic Polkadot/Substrate UI for interacting with a Cherry node.

    TypeScript 2 1


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