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A planning tool for factorio
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This is a planning tool for the game Factorio. It calculates the optimal ratios to produce an element in the game.


You can find the tool here. Please note that the ingame icons are licensed and therefore connot be used in the public demo. The icons are replaced with "?" by default.


To use the tool you can simply clone the repository in your web directory. The website needs only a working php environment. To show the ingame icons find the "icons" folder in your Factorio-installation (under %FACTORIO_ROOT%/game/data/base/graphics/icons) and copy it to %wEB_ROOT/Elements/icons.


To contribute to the project you can add a translation into your favorite language or add more elements that can be build in the game.

Add a language

To add a language to the tool, simply copy the en.ini language file in the Language folder to your language (for example de.ini). Replace the English words with your language and delete all phrases that you do not want to translate. Your language will than be available in the top right corner and all your translated phrases will be shown - words that you did not translate will still be in English (default language).

Add an element

To add an element to the project, create a class in the appropriate folder (Elements/Combat, Elements/IntermediateProduct, Elements/Logistic, Elements/Production or Elements/Ressource) and extend the appropriate abstract class (Element, Drill, Furnace, Producer or Ressource). Fill the constructor with the needed values (name, image, link and time) and the createDependencies function (setProducer and addDependency) if there are any dependencies. Finally add the name of the element to the en.ini language file under Language. For example:

public function __construct($parent, $val)
        parent::__construct($parent, $val);
        $this->name = 'battery'; // name of the element in the language file
        $this->image = 'battery.png'; // name (and maybe the relative path such as 'fluid') of the icon of the element
        $this->link = 'battery'; // last part of the link to the wiki:
        $this->time = 5; // time to produce ONE item of this element
public function createDependencies()
        $this->setProducer("chemicalplant"); // where is this element produced? possible values: assemblingmachine, chemicalplant, drill, furnace, oilrefinery, pumpjack
        $this->addDependency('Factorioplanner\Elements\Intermediateproduct\CopperPlate', 1); // this element needs 1 copper plate to produce one item
        $this->addDependency('Factorioplanner\Elements\Intermediateproduct\IronPlate', 1); // and 1 iron plate
        $this->addDependency('Factorioplanner\Elements\Intermediateproduct\SulfuricAcid', 20); // and 20 sulfuric acid


  • This project tries to follow the php standard recommendations.
  • This project is licencensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 except the included Twitter Bootstrap, which is licencensed under the MIT.
  • This project orientates the versioning on the version of the used factorio game. So the version number has the format: %FactorioVersion%.%Number% (for example for Factorio version 0.15.15).
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