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Chester-le-Street ASC Sass CSS

This is the SASS CSS repository for Chester-le-Street ASC's Global Styles. Using Sass on your computer, you can compile these files into CSS for use in any projects.

We use the Bootstrap framework for our work because it provides a solid foundation for our responsive web design, and means bugs will be dealt with by the wider community.

Using our Sass CSS

We're using the Bootstrap framework in this project to deal with all the CSS that is not a top priority for us. It also provides with a fully responsive site, straight out of the box.

To install Sass on your system, which is needed to build (compile) the CSS from source, run

gem install sass

When you have made a change, run

sass chester.scss:callItWhatYouWant.css

and Sass will build callItWhatYouWant.css and Copy the *.css and * to your CSS directory. When you're ready for use in a production environment, use Autoprefixer to prefix the CSS and at this point we will stop using this * file.

You can either just compile the Global CSS as is, or can include and use your own files for compilation. This will allow you to make use of mixins.

To @import your files, open the chester.scss file and add it like so...

 * Chester-le-Street ASC CSS
 * Copyright Chester-le-Street ASC
 * Bootstrap Content Copyright Twitter Inc.

@import "chester/custom";               // Bootstrap Overrides
@import "bootstrap/bootstrap";          // Bootstrap Source Files
@import "your_directory/yourFilename";  // Source File excluding .scss from filename

That should be all you need to do, and from there, just compile as normal.


The Bootstrap source code is Copyright 2017 Twitter Inc./The Bootstrap Authors. You may use Bootstrap source code freely for any project, providing you credit Twitter/the Bootstrap Authors.

Chester-le-Street ASC source code is Copyright 2016-2017 Chester-le-Street ASC. You can use our code freely for Chester-le-Street ASC projects, but must ask permission to use it for other projects. You must credit Chester-le-Street ASC when using our code in any project.