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A collection of useful xboxdrv examples. Feel free to PR improvements.

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xboxdrv Examples

Welcome to the xboxdrv examples repository.


Why did I make this? As someone who uses xboxdrv and Linux, I feel I would like to let anyone who wants to use them as well to also use these useful (debatable) configs.


Follow the contributing guide found here.

Current Examples

Game/Program Author Info Page Download (without Git)
Minecraft Chewsterchew Info Page Download

How to Download

It is highly suggested to git clone because it is very easy to git pull and update all projects with one command, but if you cannot use Git for whatever reason, simply direct download.

How to Run

To run a .xboxdrv file, follow these steps.

  1. Open Terminal (CTRL+ALT+T)

  2. Type or paste this: xboxdrv --silent --config <-- that space is important!

  3. Find the location of the downloaded .xboxdrv file and drag it into the terminal.

  4. Hit Enter

If this doesn't work, replace step 2 with sudo xboxdrv --silent --config then follow steps 3 and 4 normally.

If it STILL does not work, send an issue.

How to Update a file(s)

If you're using git, open a terminal, navigate to the git folder, type git pull , you're done. Congratulations.

Otherwise, go back to where you originally downloaded the file and download it again, then follow the run steps as normal.


A collection of useful xboxdrv examples. Feel free to PR improvements.






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