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Welcome to TransmuteIt, my 2nd plugin!


This plugin is inspired by ProjectE's transmutation tablet. I'm a big fan of the EMC system, and how you actually need to transmute the item to be able to transmute more of it. This is essentially just the tablet (as a command). No stone or anything. You can customize each EMC value and all that.

The design is to mimic it as much as possible, as a result:

  1. You need to transmute an item to be able to transmute it.

  2. Items have an "EMC" Value, in order to transmute one, you need enough EMC for it.

Discrepancies from ProjectE

  • EMC calculations aren't smart. You can't just set the EMC value for a gold ingot and expect it to auto-calculate gold blocks being ingot times 9. I'm sure it's possible, but I really don't want to spend the time.
  • It's just the transmuting, as long as you have the perms, you can transmute. No tablet, no blocks, just commands.
  • As of now, there's no "Tome of Knowledge" to unlock all the discoveries, maybe I'll add a perm for that.
  • Potions/Enchanted Books or other items that rely on metadata aren't tracked either. Only names so far.
  • EMC is limited to a Java int (2.1 billion), however if economy is enabled, it is limited to the Vault maximum.

Paper versus Spigot

This plugin is compiled against and tested with Paper. While it is compatible with Spigot, there may be some features that are missing. You may run into NoSuchMethodErrors, or other issues. While you can report these, and they will be fixed, it's recommended to just use Paper to avoid any errors altogether.

Current missing features:

  • Spigot doesn't have a getRarity() function on their Enchantment class, so enchantments are not calculated into the EMC value.

Bugs / Feedback / Contribution

I appreciate any and all feedback. Make sure to leave it on the Issues tab, I also welcome pull requests to help me out!


Dev builds are occasionally on my Jenkins server. The most stable builds are on the SpigotMC resource page. If you do use the builds, make sure to stay as up to date as possible! It is also available on Bukkit.