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Voicemeeter Connector

Voicemeeter Connector is a Node.js (Typescript) connector to use the official VoicemeeterRemoteAPI of Voicemeeter,Voicemeeter Banana and Voicemeeter Potato. The official API is available here.


Package Version Node Version
<= 0.62 8,10
>= 1.0 > 10

Execute the following command in a power shell window (Administrator).

$ npm install --global --production windows-build-tools

Do not be surprised, the installation can take up to 15 minutes

Now you can use the following to add the connector to your project.

$ npm install voicemeeter-connector

Use it in your project

Basic Example

import { Voicemeeter, StripProperties } from "voicemeeter-connector";

Voicemeeter.init().then(async (vm) => {
	// Connect to your voicemeeter client

	// Sets gain of strip 0 to -10db
	await vm.setStripParameter(0, StripProperties.Gain, -10);

	// Print gain
	console.log(vm.getStripParameter(0, StripProperties.Gain));

	// Attach event handler
	vm.attachChangeEvent(() => {
		console.log("Something changed!");

	// Disconnect voicemeeter client
	setTimeout(() => {
	}, 5000);

Strip = Inputs (left side of voicemeeter)

Bus = Outputs (right side of voicemeeter)


See Documentation on