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.github Don't let critical errors go stale Feb 22, 2018
data [Fixes #38] Add a flirt command. hehe. hopefully family friendly Feb 22, 2018
scripts I prefer ranges when generating random numbers. Who remembers this file Jan 3, 2018
.gitignore ignore all txt files! Jan 2, 2018
.rubocop.yml i dont even know what this means Jan 3, 2018
.travis.yml rubocop version bump Jan 3, 2018
Gemfile Remove rubocop from gemfile. No longer needed. Oct 22, 2017
LICENSE update link in readme Dec 20, 2017
bot.rb [Fixes #109] Add a slap command. Get slapped, you memes. Feb 18, 2018
config.example.yaml Remove hanging ] Feb 16, 2018
requiregems.rb Ruby gems are case sensitive!! Nov 21, 2017
setup.rb Completely compress the inputs of staff stuff. also fix something idk Feb 16, 2018

Chewbotcca IRC Bot

Build Status

I made this bot for my IRC Network. It's ok, I guess.

How to install

Check it out on the website


There were so many commands, we moved to commands

Credits and API usage

Please go here to see credit where credit is due.

Official Public Chewbotccas

I run Chewbotcca on some IRC networks. Check them out here