We're Chewbotcca. We make bots.
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Chewbotcca Website

We're Chewbotcca. We make bots.

Table of Bots

Name Repo Platform Language Status
ChewbotccaIRC Chewbotcca/IRC IRC Ruby Active Development
SpamBeGone Chewbotcca/SpamBeGone IRC Ruby Active Development
HowMuchLitecoinHasChewMined Chewbotcca/HowMuchLitecoinHasChewMined IRC Ruby Active Development
IdleRPG Chewbotcca/IdleRPG IRC Ruby Development Halted
GitHubIRCTopicBot Chewbotcca/GitHubIRCTopicBot IRC Ruby Development Halted
ToggleActiveBot Chewbotcca/ToggleActiveBot IRC Ruby Development Halted
Chewbotcca Chewbotcca/Discord Discord Ruby Abandoned (Why?)

Other Repositories we own

Name Repo Use
MemeDB Chewbotcca/memedb Used for the MemeDB command in various bots.
chewbotcca.github.io Chewbotcca/chewbotcca.github.io Website for bots

Sponsored Bots

Name Repo Platform Language Org/Author Page
IRCahBot Cahbots/IRCahBot IRC Ruby Cahbots