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ListCord Discord Bots

Discord Discord Server

Chewbotcca is a discord bot written with discordrb.

The help server is available here: Discord

Command list can be found with %^help, use %^info command to find more info.

I will update this as we get along, but currently Chewbotcca is really lame. I'm learning though stay with me.

Add the bot to your server with: http://bit.ly/Chewbotcca

Check out Chewbotcca on bots.discord.pw and discordbots.org

Poorly Written Contribution Guide

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Chewbotcca!

First, make a fork of the repository.

Then, make a new branch from master for changes.

Make changes.

Send a PR!

More soon, thanks.