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Alfred Workflows

Due Tools

Version 2 Release Notes

  • Rewritten with UI scripting
    • Search bar actions are far more reliable
    • Grouped simalar actions into contained compiled scripts Send calendar events to Due
      • BusyCal
      • OS X Calendars
  • Search Panes
    • Reminders
    • Timers
    • Logbook
  • Examples of how I slice my Due reminders lists
  • OmniFocus Perspective Icons by Icons & Coffee


;do : Send Selected OmniFocus tasks to

Quick Task Entry (Imitates the the iOS presets)

;dam : Quick Task – Morning (6 AM)

;dm : Quick Task – Middle Day (11:30 PM)

;ded : Quick Task – End of the Day (4 PM)

;de : Quick Task – Evening (6 PM)

NB: The times can be adjusted in the 'Run Scripts' Actions (middle column) echo statement.

Defer Reminders

;dd : Postpone by One Day

;dh : Postpone by One Hour

;ds : Postpone by 10 Minutes

NB: These trigger the defined keyboard shortcuts (I can never remember them).

Pomodoro Timers

;dpl : Pomodoro Long Break Timer (15 Min)

;dps : Pomodoro Short Break Timer (5 Min)

;dpw : Pomodoro Work Timer (25 Min)

Pomodoro Timers Notes

  • These actions work by searching for the names of Specific timers
  • You must create timers on the Timer Panel
    • 5 Minutes Timer
    • 15 Minutes Timer
    • 25 Minutes Timer
  • If you use different Timer names, adjust the 'Run Scripts' Actions (middle column) echo statement.

;dq : Create a Sequential Task

Sequential Tasks Notes

  • Formatting: This is task one 6 am -- This is task two 5 pm

Create a Reminder for Calendar Events

;dce : BusyCal Event to Due (Create a Due reminder from a selected BusyCal event)

;dcce : OS X Calendar to Due (Create a Due reminder from a selected calendar event)

Search Reminders, Timers and Logbook

;dsr : Search Reminders Panel

;dsm : Search Timers Panel

;dsb : Search Logbook Panel

;dsu : Search Reminders for URLs

Examples of How I Slice My Due Reminders

  • I shove a lot of stuff in Due–I use a defined naming convention to list the differnt reminder types
    • Any task that pops up and needs to be completed the same day
    • Deferred Toots
    • Deferred SMS
    • Consumables (Usually Triggered by Bookmarklets which I've included)
  • I use a unicode Trigram as a delimiter for these types of reminders
    • Thunder - "inciting movement"
  • These actions should be deleted / modified to fit your needs
  • Any actions which are not triggered by bookmarklets have matching Drafts actions.

;dt : Create a Today Reminder

;dj : Create a Journal Reminder

;dst : List Today Reminders

;dso : List Deferred Toot Reminders

;dss : List Deferred SMS Reminders

;dsr : List Items to Read

;dsc : List Items to Check Out (Apps, Websites, Etc.)

;dsl : List Items to Listen to (Random Podcasts)

;dsw : List Items to Watch

;dsj : List Items to Journal

Adjust Alert Sounds

;dan : Remove Alert Sound From Reminder

;dah : Set Alert Sound for Must Do Reminder : Sonar (1s)

;dah : Set Alert Sound for Default : Coin (1s)


Search NerdQuery and displays results in Alfred's item pane.

A workflow for (OneLook)[].

OneLook Quick Definition

Returns the Quick Definitions.

  • Enter: Open OpenLink results page.
  • CMD+Enter: Display definition as Large Text
  • CMD+Enter: Copy definition to clipboard

OneLook Reverse Look Up

Returns results from the the reverse lookup

  • Enter: Open in Safari
  • CMD+Enter: Copy selected term to clipboard

OneLook Bits

Returns results from OneLooks Advanced Search

Enter: Open in Safari CMD+Enter: Copy selected term to clipboard

Search Examples

  • bluebird - Find definitions of bluebird
  • blue* - Find words and phrases that start with blue
  • *bird - Find words and phrases that end with bird
  • bl????rd - Find words that start with bl, end with rd, and have 4 letters in between
  • bl*:snow - Find words that start with bl and have a meaning related to snow
  • *:snow or :snow - Find any words related to snow
  • *:winter sport - Find words related to the concept winter sport
  • winter* - Find phrases that contain the word winter
  • expand:nasa - Find phrases that spell out n.a.s.a.

An Alfred Workflow For PathFinder

  • pfd - Toggle dual pane
  • pfcr - Copy selection to right pane
  • pfcl - Copy selection to left pane
  • pfmr - Move selection to right pane
  • pfcl - Move selection to left pane
  • pftw - Trigger my Work Path Finder tab set [^1]
  • pftc - Trigger my Code Path Finder tab set [^2]
  • pftn - Trigger my Notes Path Finder tab set [^3]
  • pfyx - Trigger my OS X Path Finder tab set [^4]
  • pftp - Toggle preview pane
  • pfbr - Batch rename files
  • pfnt - Create a new text file
  • pfdi - Create new disk image
  • pfhe - Hex editor
  • pfcs - Checksum (MD5)
  • pflw - Label directory 'Working' (orange)
  • pflc - Clear label
  • pfla - Label - 'Pay Attention' (red)
  • pfad - Add selection to Drop Stack
  • pfgi - Toggle invisible files
  • pfsp - Swap panes
  • pfgp - Toggle package contents
  • pfwf - Find window
  • pfwg - Git window
  • pfwt - Tags and Rating window

Not Shown:

  • familypic - Opens a specific directory in a new tab
  • familyvid - Opens a specific directory in a new tab
  • pstream - Opens iCloud photostream

NB: I use the very helpful Applescript: menu_click, by Jacob Rus

[^1]: Directories: inbox, projects, core, Dropbox, outlines, mind_maps.

[^2]: Directories: scripts, code, bin.

[^3]: Directories: ~, Library, Applications, Mobile Documents, usr; All of my external drives.

[^4]: Saved searches for new or modified files (today, yesterday, week, and month)