Compile directory with css/less files to one file, using "lessphp" and "css-crush"
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Compile directory with css/less files to one file, using "lessphp" and "css-crush"

In a first place used as "External tool" in PHPStorm.

To use it, You will need to put directory in some place like


Next step is to add new external tool in PHPStorm menu: ctrl+alt+s -> External Tools -> Alt+Insert

Then fill fields as You wish... For example:

Name: Compiler Group: LESS Description: Compiles less files in $filename.less directory

Mark Synchronize files after execution

Program: ~your php env~ ( if file has no +x ) Parameters: ~/phpstorm-tools/less/compiler/compiler.php project=$ProjectFileDir$ WorkingDirectory: not in use

Also, you may want to use hotkey for compile output filse

ctrl+alt+s -> Keymap -> External Tools -> Your Group -> Your Tool Name

RightClick on tool -> Add Keyboard Shortcut -> Press needed buttons ( for me it is Ctrl+Shift+F9 )

You can also use it as FileWatcher, but if you using autodeployment open

ctrl+alt+s -> Projects settings Deployment -> Options Find Upload changed files automaticaly to the default server choose first or second value then check Upload external changes.

Btw, i think it can be not acceptable for some people.