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Unofficial frida workbench for VSCode


  • Python >= 3.7
  • pip3 install -U frida-tools If you have more than one python3 in your path, you need to config the python path in settings
  • nodejs and npm install -g fruity-frida (optional, for lldb related features)
  • iTunes on Windows

If you are on Windows, you need to keep iTunes open in order to interact with iOS devices.

You only need to install fruity-frida for iOS specific features, like lldb debugging and remote shell. For more information, please refer to fruity-frida.



Target Selector

User friendly UI

Debug Log

Now supports both iOS syslog and Android logcat!

Debug Log

Download and Apply frida-gum Typing Info



Javascript REPL shortcut

Open and activate an REPL at the bottom. Use the "frida" button at the top of any active js / typescript document, it will send the code to the active REPL.


For Android devices, Open Shell is simply a wrapper for adb shell.

For iOS it gives a SSH shell. It requires fruity-frida to be installed.


  • More Android features
  • More mobile security terminal tools intergration

Release Note:

Please refer to CHANGELOG