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A utility for developing in the Chia ecosystem: Chialisp functions, object inspection, RPC client and more.


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Chia Dev Tools


Initialize a new project directory and cd into it. Then follow the following instructions to get set up:


python3 -m venv venv
. ./venv/bin/activate
pip install --extra-index-url chia-dev-tools
cdv --version

(If you're on an M1 Mac, make sure you are running an ARM64 native python virtual environment)

Windows Powershell

Requires: Installation of Python 3 for Windows

py -m venv venv
pip install --extra-index-url chia-dev-tools
cdv --version

From Source

Alternatively, you can clone the repo, and install from source:

git clone
cd chia-dev-tools
# The following for Linux/MacOS
python3 -m venv venv
. ./venv/bin/activate
# The following for Windows
py -m venv venv
# To install chia-dev-tools
pip install --extra-index-url .

What's in it?

This python wheel will bring in commands from other chia repositories such as brun or even chia!

The command unique to this repository is cdv. Run cdv --help to see what it does:

Usage: cdv [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Dev tooling for Chia development

  --version   Show the version and exit.
  -h, --help  Show this message and exit.

  clsp     Commands to use when developing with chialisp
  decode   Decode a bech32m address to a puzzle hash
  encode   Encode a puzzle hash to a bech32m address
  hash     SHA256 hash UTF-8 strings or bytes (use 0x prefix for bytes)
  inspect  Inspect various data structures
  rpc      Make RPC requests to a Chia full node
  test     Run the local test suite (located in ./tests)


The test command allows you to initialize and run local tests.

cdv test

Optionally, to make new tests, you can bootstrap the creation of a test file by running:

cdv test --init
# Make changes to the ./tests/ file
cdv test

Chialisp Commands

The clsp family of commands are helpful when writing, building, and hashing Chialisp and CLVM programs.

cdv clsp build ./puzzles/password.clsp
cdv clsp retrieve condition_codes sha256tree
cdv clsp treehash '(a 2 3)'
cdv clsp curry ./puzzles/password.clsp.hex -a 0xdeadbeef -a "(q . 'I'm an inner puzzle!')"
cdv clsp disassemble ff0180

Inspect Commands

The inspect family of commands allows you to build and examine certain Chia related objects

cdv inspect -id coins --parent-id e16dbc782f500aa24891886779067792b3305cff8b873ae1e77273ad0b7e6c05 --puzzle-hash e16dbc782f500aa24891886779067792b3305cff8b873ae1e77273ad0b7e6c05 --amount 123
cdv inspect --json spends --coin ./coin.json --puzzle-reveal ff0180 --solution '()'
cdv inspect --bytes spendbundles ./spend_bundle.json
cdv inspect --json any 0e1074f76177216b011668c35b1496cbd10eff5ae43f6a7924798771ac131b0a0e1074f76177216b011668c35b1496cbd10eff5ae43f6a7924798771ac131b0a0000000000000001ff018080

RPC Commands

There are also commands for interacting with the full node's RPC endpoints (in development, more to come). The family of commands finds the full node the same way that the chia commands do. Make sure to have a local node running before you try these.

cdv rpc state
cdv rpc blocks -s 0 -e 1
cdv rpc coinrecords --by id 6ce8fa56321d954f54ba27e58f4a025eb1081d2e1f38fc089a2e72927bcde0d1
cdv rpc pushtx ./spend_bundle.json

Python Packages

Being in a virtual environment with this tool will also give your python programs access to all of the chia repository packages. It also comes with a package of its own that lives in the cdv namespace with some helpful utilities. Of particular interest is the cdv.test package which comes with all sorts of tools to help you write lifecycle tests of smart coins. Check out the examples to see it in action.


A utility for developing in the Chia ecosystem: Chialisp functions, object inspection, RPC client and more.