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from inkfish.create_discriminant import create_discriminant
import hashlib
import sys
# This is the script that will get used to generate the
# classgroup discriminants for the competition. The secret
# seed will be revealed only after the deadline for
# submissions. Here you can verify that commitment matches
# the secret, once the secret is released.
number_of_discriminants = 10
discriminant_bit_size = 2048
secret_seed_commitment = "2fe1e53289900911495b570a6ef9bed17b90a7eb02922631563fca641b83b8ef"
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Checks that the commitment is valid, given an input secret seed
# passed in from the command line. The secret seed will be released
# at the end of the competition.
seed = str.encode(sys.argv[1], "latin-1")
hash_of_secret = hashlib.sha256(seed).digest()
assert(hash_of_secret.hex() == secret_seed_commitment)
# Generates the discriminants
for i in range(10):
print(create_discriminant(seed + bytes([i]), 2048))
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