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This is the web site at Pull requests accepted!

If you have ideas for the FAQ, check out

You can see this web site locally with python 2 as follows:

    $ cd webroot
    $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

or with python 3:

    $ cd webroot
    $ python3 -m http.server

Then browse to


This site uses l20n.js v5.0 to translate static html content. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with its rules and syntax before adding content or translations.

Guidelines for new content in existing files

  • All text section elements must include the data-l10n-id="text-id" attribute:
    <span data-l10n-id="new-text-section">This is a new section of text</span>
  • Before adding new translation entries, make sure one does not already exist by checking the app.en-US.ftl

  • Add new text entries and english translations to app.en-US.ftl

  • Add the same entries to the remaining translation files

Guidelines for new html files

  • All html files must include the following in the head section:
    <meta name="defaultLanguage" content="en-US">
    <meta name="availableLanguages" content="en-US, fr, ja, nl, de, es, sr, pt-BR, tr">
    <link rel="localization" href="./locales/app.{locale}.ftl">
    <script defer src="./js/l20n.min.js"></script>

Guidelines for adding languages

For html

  • Add the two character locale code to the following meta element in all existing html files
    <meta name="availableLanguages" content="en-US, fr, ja, nl, de, es, sr, pt-BR, tr">
  • Add the translated name of the language to the dictionary at the top of locales.js
var names = {
   "en-US": "English",
   "fr": "Français",
   "ja": "日本語",
   "nl": "Nederlands",
   "de": "Deutsch",
   "es": "Español",
   "sr": "Srpski",
   "pt-BR": "Português",
   "tr": "Türk"
  • Copy locales/app.en-US.ftl and rename it with the locale code being added.
  • Translate away!

For the FAQ

  • Translations of the FAQ are kept in markdown, and don't use l20n
  • Copy to the translated markdown files folder, changing its name to faq.<2 letter locale code>.md
  • Translate away!