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Attempting to predict e. coli readings at Chicago beaches

Updated Oct 24, 2016


Provides easier interaction with Socrata open data portals Users can provide a 'Socrata' data set resource URL, or a 'Socrata' Open Data API (SoDA) web query, or a 'Socrata' "human-friendly" URL, returns an R data frame. Converts dates to 'POSIX' format. Manages throttling by 'Socrata'.

Updated Oct 21, 2016


Chicago data reporting rules for Transportation Network Providers

Updated Oct 14, 2016

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A user-friendly, map-based tool to combine and explore real-time or historical data.

Updated Oct 7, 2016


Use Pentaho's open source data integration tool (Kettle) to create Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes to update a Socrata open data portal. Documentation is available at

Updated Oct 6, 2016

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An ALPHA website to replace the current website to provide information and documentation for developers on APIs and other developer resources provided by the City of Chicago and sister agencies.

Updated Sep 6, 2016

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BETA. API documentation for the City of Chicago Open311 system. Will be replacing the documentation currently located at

Updated Aug 17, 2016

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Serivce layer that permits interaction between OpenGrid user interface and JSON data sources, just as Mongo.

Updated Jun 9, 2016


This repository contains the code to generate predictions of critical violations at food establishments in Chicago. It also contains the results of an evaluation of the effectiveness of those predictions.

Updated Apr 15, 2016


An open source data dictionary which can be deployed to track the metadata of one or more databases.

Updated Mar 20, 2016

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forked from dssg/lead-public

DSaPP Lead Hazard Modeling

Updated Feb 3, 2016

forked from twitter/

A listing of open source efforts at Twitter on GitHub

Updated Jan 11, 2016

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Updated Jan 8, 2016

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forked from srobbin/flavored-tobacco-search-engine

Healthy Chicago's Flavored Tobacco Search Engine

Updated Dec 30, 2015

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forked from nhlx5haze/Kaggle_WestNileVirus

the 3rd place solution for West Nile Virus Prediction challenge on Kaggle

Updated Sep 7, 2015

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forked from Cardal/Kaggle_WestNileVirus

Winning solution for the Kaggle "West Nile Virus" competition (2015)

Updated Aug 30, 2015


forked from smartchicago/foodborne

Manages tweets about food poisoning in Chicago and presents Open311 form for reporting incidents.

Updated Aug 27, 2015


Open source release of bike routes in Chicago.

Updated Aug 25, 2015


Open source release of building footprints in Chicago.

Updated Aug 15, 2015