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OpenGrid Contributing Guide

We think open source is great because we can work with you to add new features and fix bugs in the system. There are a number of ways you can contribute to the project, such as:

  • Add or clarify the language in the documentation (e.g.,, docs/ folder)
  • Fix a bug listed on the issue tracker
  • Write a unit test
  • Add a new feature that is discussed on the developer documentation

If you're interested in contributing to the project, below are the guidelines for developers.

Creating a pull request

Below are the guidelines on submitting code to this project and some of the criteria we will use before accepting a pull request:

  • Discuss major changes with development team If you hope to add a new feature or make a significant change, please discuss it with the development team on the issue tracker or forum. If you start working on a new feature, please open a new issue that describes the work you will complete. This will help avoiding duplicating work, creating technical conflicts, and help your work to be included in the project.
  • Sign a contributor license agreement Before we accept any pull request, you must sign a contributor license agreement (CLA). If you'd like to discuss the CLA language, please visit its repository.
  • Write unit tests for new functions New features or functions should be accompanied by unit tests that must work on Travis CI (Ubuntu) and AppVeyor (Windows).
  • Ensure code conforms to the project coding standards
  • Update or add new documentation Likewise, these changes should also have documentation to reflect that. Please update the documentation found in the docs/ folder.

The development team will review pull requests, looking at the following criteria:

  • Does the pull request fit within the goal of the project and fit in the roadmap?
  • Does it pass all new and existing unit tests (e.g., TravisCI and AppVeyor)?
  • Is the code coverage similar or higher than before (e.g.,
  • Have the changes been documented in the documentation?
  • Does the code introduce any security vulernability?
  • Was the CLA signed by the contributor?

Submitting a pull request

When you are ready to submit a pull request, please following these instructions:

  • Use the current dev branch as the code base for any improvements

    git checkout dev
  • Incorporate your changes into the code. Remember to follow the coding guidelines, add new unit tests, and documentation

  • Create logical commits that describe the work that was completed. Reference issues in the commit messages as appropriate.

  • Build your changes locally to ensure all tests pass:

    gulp test
  • Push your branch to GitHub

    git push origin my-fix-branch
  • Sign the Contributor License Agreement. If you have any questions or issues, please visit the license agreement's repository.

  • In GitHub, send a pull request to opengrid:dev. Please add a descriptive title and description of the changes. Please reference issues or prior conversations, if applicable.

  • Interact with the development team as questions and conversation arises.

Other references