OpenGrid Weekly Meeting Notes 2016 06 17

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Weekly meeting



1. Review of existing work

i. Review existing OpenGrid pull requests

  • None.

ii. Review 'Ready' and 'In Progress' OpenGrid issues

See the Kanban board at

  • Integrate OpenGrid builds with Coverity Scan #165
    • @tomschenkjr -- Work in Progress
  • Mobile>Advanced Search does not open on First try #184
    • UTurn- Mohan to fix for v1.1.0 release
  • Mobile>Android>Advanced Search Appears and then disappears #188
    • UTurn- Mohan to fix for v1.1.0 release
  • Geolocation error on Chrome: "Only secure origins are allowed" #183
    • UTurn- Mohan to fix for v1.1.0 release; UTURN to setup a temp email service in AWS to confirm and apply the cert via the Smart Chicago account. CoC will need to reapply an SSL cert when they eventually move to the CoC AWS account. In the meanwhile, HTTP is now redirected to HTTPS.
  • Environmental Permits, Environmental Inspections not displaying correctly #202
    • @nfspeedypur
  • Base Map #204
    • @rladines to prototype two samples in INT and QA

iii. v1.1.0 Release before 6/20

2. New Items

  • Relocated Vehicles #208
    • @nfspeedypur to add to
  • Map marker is counted as "1 record" #209
  • Use simpler naming conventions for #192
    • @UTURN to prioritize this for the future.

ii. Effort to move to a single codebase

  • UTurn to do a full push of the items below and then debug issues from there. Will discuss this again after 6/20.
  • Map library Options: Center Lat/Long #193
    • @nfspeedypur to push code
  • Grid View>Tile Map #194
    • @nfspeedypur to push code
  • Grid View>Heat Map #195
    • @nfspeedypur to push code
  • Help Button as configurable #196
    • @nfspeedypur to push code
  • Admin Configurabilty #198
    • @UTURN to investigate if managed and Saved Queries are tied to the login flag
  • Test Login Screen Configuration #199
    • @UTURN to discuss with @rladines on how admin functionality works
  • Backend Service End Point #200
    • Need to discuss this further.

3. Review of recent and upcoming Plenario work

  • Now will work on quick fixes instead of big ticket items. For example, "or" vs "and" column filters; most common values in table for Filtered searches. #197

4. Other items

  • Next round of planning for v1.2.0 on 6/24.
  • Tom to present OG at Amazon Public Sector Summit in DC.
  • Public Engagement