Roadmap Proposal: Use results to "search around" and measurement

Tom Schenk Jr edited this page Nov 19, 2015 · 1 revision

Sometimes it is desirable to use the results of quick searches, results of advanced searches, or layers as the basis of the next search or to start a new measurement. For instance, suppose I search for the address "50 W Washington St., Chicago, IL" and I want to search for Tweets with 500 feet of that location.

A potential workflow is to search for "50 W Washington St." and then click on the icon to bring-up an option to "search around this location". Upon that selection, the location is pre-populated into the Advanced Search pane.

This seems applicable to a few cases: searching around quick search results; searching around advanced search results; searching around map layers.

Likewise, this can be used to start the measurement process. Users can select a result of a query or a map layer to "begin measurement here". This solution will allow for easier measurement between two locations, which has been a reported difficulty.

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