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@@ -19,15 +19,9 @@ First off, install the Windy gem, and fire up your irb console.
>> require 'rubygems'
>> require 'windy'
-To use the Socrata API, you should also create an app token for your application, which allows you to
-make requests without being grouped into a much smaller quota pool. Registering
-for an app token is easy, and can be done at
+Note: The Socrata API is [rate-limited]( by default. If you would like to increase your quota, [register for an app token]( and pass it to Windy as follows:
-Once you have an app token, you need to pass it to Windy before calling the API:
- >> Windy.app_token = "CG45HQoQlgfeev4zyUh5aR5J3"
-More information on Socrata app tokens can be found at
+ >> Windy.app_token = "insert_your_app_token_here"
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