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@@ -130,12 +130,16 @@ for storing and retrieving session information.
*Routes*. By default, Chicago Boss uses the same routing conventions as Ruby on
Rails (`/controller/action/id`). You can customize the routes and provide
-a base URL in the routes.config file.
+a base URL in the routes.config file. Of course, most routing occurs with the
+pattern- matching controller logic, e.g.
+ posts('GET', ["category", Category]) ->
+ ...
*Email*. Chicago Boss ships with a miniature MVC for sending multipart emails.
Emails can be templated with ErlyDTL, and it is easy to provide plain-text and
HTML versions of the same email. In testing environments, email can be sent
-directly to the recipient, or in prouction can be relayed to an SMTP server.
+directly to the recipient, or in production can be relayed to an SMTP server.
A Chicago Boss server can also receive email over SMTP. Each email address maps
to a function in your incoming mail controller, so it is easy to write
@@ -158,8 +162,8 @@ cheap in Erlang, the overhead of keeping alive a blocking request is very small
(just a few kilobytes of memory, compared to megabytes in Rails). You can
thus keep alive thousands of Comet request with just a few megabytes of memory.
Also notice that the controller logic remains nice and clean (no callbacks). We
-can perform an arbitrary number of network requests without increasing the
-scope level.
+can perform an arbitrary sequence of asynchronous network requests without
+increasing the scope level.
*Events*. An interesting feature of Chicago Boss is the events API called
BossNews. With it, you can watch a record or a set of records for changes,
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
{application, boss,
{description, "Chicago Boss web framework"},
- {vsn, "0.5.0"},
+ {vsn, "0.5.4"},
{registered, []},
{modules, []},
{applications, [

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