Web socket service goes down for the count on errors, rather than restarting #201

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davidw commented Jan 31, 2013

I wrote some bad code in my web socket controller, and it crashed.

So far, so good, it took some other stuff down with it that was then restarted, I fixed my code, and reloaded the page I'm working on. However, the web socket controller was still dead.

It turns out that it's only started when boss starts.

Maybe boss_service_worker should perform this call?

 boss_websocket_router:register(ServiceUrl, Service),

davidw commented Jan 31, 2013

This code seems to fix things:



evanmiller commented Jan 31, 2013

Should there also be some extra logic in "terminate"? I don't know as I haven't dug into the WS code too deeply.


davidw commented Jan 31, 2013

I don't know... I'm fine if it all just dies and you lose the web socket PID's. This is, for the time being, mostly just a debugging thing: if I screw up my WS code and it crashes, it'd be nice not to have to reload the whole server.


evanmiller commented Feb 1, 2013

Ok... well if it's working for you feel free to send me a pull request and I'll get it merged in.


davidw commented Feb 4, 2013

Closed by evanmiller#203

davidw closed this Feb 4, 2013

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