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kotedo commented Mar 26, 2013


The reloader doesn't pick up changes in modules properly.
Start Boss.
Have a module named __src/lib/__stuff.erl .
Execute stuff:bar(). Works.
Now you edit function named "bar" in the code and save it.
Notice the message: stuff:bar().Reloading stuff ... fail: nofile. <----- Red herring!
That message tells you that the code loader could not find the file specified.
In fact, if you empty ebin BEFORE you run this, you'll notice that the beam file doesn't get created. The code loader works on files only. No file, no dice.

Thank you!

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kotedo commented Mar 26, 2013

Closed by accident. Reopened on purpose. Sorry.


danikp commented Jan 6, 2014

related to #323 and #322

@ghost ghost assigned zkessin Jan 6, 2014

There is also a problem with loading new controllers and views, when running in production mode.

To reproduce:

  • compile project with ./rebar compile and run ./ start
  • in web browser try to request /common/index, get 404 error
  • create in src/controller ourproj_common_controller.erl:
-module(ourproj_common_controller, [Req,SessionId]).

index('GET',[]) -> {output, "ok"}.
  • compile with ./rebar compile, then reload with ./ reload
  • try to request /common/index — still get 404

if we restart project completely with ./ restart — new controller will be loaded.

When running in development mode, new controllers are loaded correctly.

I think, this is related to issue #322


mihawk commented Jan 30, 2015

maybe fixed with the PR, #533

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