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Error message on browser request kill is difficult to understand #239

davidw opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I'm still in the middle of debugging this, but I'm going to start adding information here, because I have found one thing that's suspicious. I'm pretty sure the root cause is something on my end, but the amount of information I'm getting back from the system is not very good.

Starting from my actual crash, I have a page where I have an erlydtl template. Something about it is not working quite right, things crash, and I get an error like this:

2013-04-08 10:34:49.905 [error] emulator Error in process <0.243.0> on node 'myapp@' with exit value: {{case_clause,closed},[{cowboy_protocol,execute,4,[{file,"src/cowboy_protocol.erl"},{line,514}]}]}

Not very helpful. I tracked down the 'closed' to something that mochicow_upgrade is returning:

Cowboy doesn't handle that 'closed' and everything blows up, without telling me what is actually happening. Perhaps the bug is ultimately with mochicow, but until I understand things better, I'll open it here since this is where it all gets integrated.

More to follow...


I found the problem: it was some javascript on my end. I'm still not sure CB is 100% correct. What happens:

The request starts, but it's slow because it hits the DB a bunch.

The javascript code has a setTimeout which kills the request.

Things fall apart and there's a weird error as above. I think things could be clearer, like "remote end closed connection" or something like that.

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