CB's rebar/compiler machinery seems to ignore erl_opts from rebar.config #288

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ztmr commented Jun 26, 2013

This is painful especially when we need to extend include paths like this:

{erl_opts, [
  {i, "deps/whatever/include"}

(I hope it is not problem of our model compiler because I believe it gets the same compiler options as boss_compiler/boss_record_compiler since it's all called via boss_model_manager_adapter stuff.)


You can use the compiler_options config option in boss.config for this.

ztmr commented Jun 28, 2013

Our compiler has its own section in config file, so it does not matter if we put it there or to compiler_options in the same config file.

The reason why I was asking for erl_opts inheritance was to simplify some of more complex projects. For example, we have a project which uses standard OTP releases and CB&webapps are built into that project to act as a web management tool. So even if the CB stuff is compiled by boss_compiler/iodb_compiler and the rest of OTP system is built by the standard Erlang compiler, we still want to share at least includes without need to maintain them on two places.

So that's the motivation behind this request...
Of course, it's not a big deal, but would be nice to have it one day :-)

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zkessin commented Jan 30, 2014

Is this something that is still needed or can we close it?

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